Friday, June 4, 2010

Its been a while...

I have been missing blogging since we moved and hope to start up again soon. I love picture blogging here and since dial up internet is what we have that is not really feasible. Yes, I said dial up. lol I have posted several times over at Lally, though the posts are sporadic at this point. One day soon I will get the hang of this internet thing and be back to regular posting.

In the mean time whats been going on? Since my last posting we have moved to a rental about 25 miles east of our previous location. Its about 10 miles from a little town and 25 from bigger shopping options. We have had 6 birthdays starting in December with Madeline and ending in May with Joe. Our chickens have been expanded from four to about 30-40ish right now. Some will be dinner soon, others are the laying flock, and 4 are the kids show birds for 4H. The garden season started with much anticipation and excitement. 3 garden shares have been sold and this is our biggest garden ever! The weather has thus far been uncooperative with about 3 non rainy days in all of May. Mind you I said non rainy and not sunny. We have had hail the size of golf balls and well I have never been so unsuccessful at growing greens. lol I am not even going to tell you about the tomatoes and the peppers. Its just sad, very sad. The poor things couldn't be in the house any longer and they had to go out. That's the last few months in a nutshell. I hope to be back blogging soon as I really miss it. Just need to figure out a workable option for me with photos. For some reason blogging is not the same for me without photos. :)

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