Friday, August 7, 2009

July Update

Another busy month.

Fourth of July.

Marah was old enough to stay awake this year. She really enjoyed watching the fireworks.

Michael spent most of the night like this. Then fell asleep on my arm. He insisted he did not want to go inside though.

We made boats.

We had lots of cool baths when the weather hit 107!!

Michael lost his first tooth.

Naomi gave Marah a black eye.

We went to the beach twice. This is trip #1. Cannon beach was warm and we had a blast.

This one of Naomi's many faces.

Another face

The kids love the waves


Madeline could live on the beach.

Beach trip #2 was cold and wet! We camped for two nights and it never really warmed up. Once we were about 5 minutes east of the ocean on the way home the clouds cleared though.

We were at Sunset beach which you can drive on. It was neat to just park out there. I think you bring home more sand this way though. It doesn't have time to fall off on the walk back to the car. lol

I have hopes of blogging regularly at some point. Right now I am re opening Sewing Alley and am going to concentrate on the Sewing Alley Blog and getting some sewing done. See you next month!!