Sunday, May 24, 2009

An old man, a fish, and some hair. Lots of hair.

Yet another birthday in our household. Check out this old man!

Check out his birthday cake I made! Vanilla bean ice cream, oreo crust, oreo layer, topped with carmel, hot fudge, and what else but more oreos.
A beautiful girl.
Madeline made carmel corn.

Such long hair!

A large pile of hair!
A brand new haircut!

Another haircut though no personal haircutting was involved with this one. lol
The cat loves to bring us mice, moles, birds, and other such treats. We were a bit shocked one morning to see that he had brough us a fish! Where you ask in the land of suburbia did he find a fish? Umm in the neighbors Japanese Garden. They won't miss it right?

Sick Nomy on her favorite sleeping spot. She won't sleep on me as she just wants to nurse (and puke).
Other news. We got rid of the two aggressive chickens. Love Craigslist where we sold them for $15 each. The 4 month old pullets seem to have adjusted now. Took about 3 days but they will now come out of the coop and run into the outside grassy area. The other chickens don't seem to notice them. With the exception of Goldie who I believe is now top hen. She definately tells them she is boss but does not attack them like the Rhode Island Reds. We are down to 10 chickens now with 6 laying currently.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Birthdays and other Random Photos

Marah celebrated a birthday! 3 years old.

She had been asking for pink cupcakes. Well the day came and she decided she wanted purple cupcakes with pink frosting. I made a new recipe out of the cookbook and added purple food coloring. They turned out this funky mauvish color and taste awful! The kids enjoyed them but a friend and I agreed they were bad. At least the frosting was delicious.
He is so a little brother. Notice the mischevious grin.
Now he lets go. Marah was annoyed at first and then realized what was happening and thought it was great fun. lol

Madeline taking pictures of her siblings.

She is saying "let me out!" Now that she has discovered outside she will always go outside if you ask her. She practically runs for the door when I say "do you want to go outside?"

I was inside with the other kids doing something and as I walked by I noticed Joe and Marah playing ball together. Marah was just so excited to be actually hitting the ball and Joe looked like he was really enjoying the one on one time with Marah. I had to snap this quickly before Marah noticed. Not sure whats up with Joe though. lol

This is Marah's garden. Notice the large patch in the middle thats snap peas, on the right pole beans, on the left radishes and carrots. She also planted lettuce, corn, squash, zuchini, pumpkins, tons of flowers, cucumbers, and more. Note that her garden is only about 2 feet by 1.5 feet.

We had to put the Rhode Island Reds in chicken time out. Someone at 4H suggested it as they were tag team attacking the new chickens.

Joe went to St. Cupcake for my birthday cupcakes. YUM!