Friday, December 28, 2007


We had a great Christmas this year. We hosted dinner and were joined by Terry, Grandma Karen, Omar, and Great Grandma Evelyn.

Madeline opening her stocking.

Ooooh candy.

A toothbrush! Marah loves to brush her teeth.


Marah received handmade play kitchen food.

Madeline opening her sewing machine.

Michael chose this for Madeline. Its a doodle bear.

Doll diapers.


Dangerous Book for Boys.



Madeline gave Marah this doll that she got in the garage. It was an older one we had weeded out at one point. Marah loves it and brings it everywhere with her.

Marah's kitchen.

The next day Madeline made bread.

Friday, December 21, 2007


The kids wanted to post a video they made today.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Birthdays and baby belly

Madeline's 7th birthday is the 18th!!! I cannot believe how big she is getting. She reads entire books, makes her own sandwiches, sews on a sewing machine, and the other day loaded the dishwasher. Sigh... Where did my baby go?

Her birthday party is on the 15th and she is really excited to decorate cupcakes and have a treasure hunt.

Now to the belly. It is growing. Today I am 27 weeks and 1 day. We are not finding out the sex so this will be our first surprise baby! We are still meeting with our midwife once a month and soon will move to twice a month. Once the holidays are over I can concentrate on getting the house ready for a new baby and getting all the homebirth supplies.

So here it is 27w 1d.

And something to leave you with. This is Micheal a month or so ago when he was sick:

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sewing Alley

I have decided to open a shop at I am hoping to stock with in the next two weeks. You can view my store here at It is still under construction. I am so excited!
Have not posted in a while again. I just can't keep up. Not very many pictures this time. We have had a great October and November. Lots of normal every day busy stuff going on.

We went to Seattle for a memorial for Joe's Grandpa Melvin who passed away last month. He was a wonderful man.

Holding Madeline the flower girl at our wedding.

Christmas 2004

Marah loves to play with her diapers. LOL. The other day she insisted Joe put them on his head and he did. :)

They would fall off and she would shriek and hold them up so he could do it again.

We don't celebrate Halloween so we have Family Movie and Banana Split Night. It is the third year of this and the kids love, love, love it. So here is our banana split this year. We put Marah to bed early so the kids could watch Flushed Away without her climbing all over them.

Final pictures of our preying mantis. Here she is having a cricket for breakfast.

The kids having their breakfast with her.

Her egg sack, before we released her she laid another one.

We had a birthday party for Madeline's Cabbage Patch Doll.

Marah spent most of this day walking around with her head up so she could see under her hair. She will not let me keep it up or clipped back.

So I cut it...
The new Marah. Look she has EYES!

Marah has learned that it is fun to fling herself off of things. Scares the crap out of me but so far she has not done it without any padding.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


A Frog told me I needed to update. Well I went to do that and realized we have not downloaded any pictures since last time I made a blog post. (insert the embarrassed smiley here). So I will update soon as soon as I find the camera. :)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

So much for keeping up

It has once again been a while since I last posted. This one is very picture heavy. We have had a great September. The weather has been so warm and Joe took a nine day vacation. It was nice to have him home and not on call, no phone calls, no pager, no text messages. We had a busy month and here are some pictures.

Please remember to check Maddy's blog as well. She is planning on updating soon and would love a comment or two. :)

Joe took this one. Lately we have had to force Madeline to go outside. If she had her way she would sit on the couch and read ALL day long. So we made her go outside and she sat on the swing and read instead. LOL.

She walked all the way into the house from the swing set while reading.

We went to OMSI again. The kids love it and I hope we can get a family pass soon. Madeline and Daddy spent over an hour in the chemistry lab together.

Michael loves this huge crane.

Marah and Daddy.

Marah again, this time in the ball room.

We went hiking at Lucia Falls which is north of Battle Ground. It was a nice short little loop hike and the kids enjoyed it. It was a no water access park though and the kids were a bit bummed they could not go and play in the water. We talked a bit about salmon and how the water is protected.


Looking at the waterfall.

The baby is growing. I am showing so much right now, much sooner than any of the other kids. I also have not lost as much weight as with Michael and Marah. I am at only 10lbs this time compared to the 30lbs I lost last time.

I made Madeline a cape. Hers was the prototype and is a bit big. It is reversible to a yellow fabric (see below). Michael also has one in flames and pirate fabric.

The other side.

I made a diaper. It turned out really well for my first diaper. It is a fitted diaper that would need a cover over it. The inside is a pink fleece and I used an old towel for the inner absorbent material. Unfortunately it is a bit too small for Marah and the velcro won't hold. Maybe the new babe can wear it.

Marah is getting so big, I had to post this pic.

Madeline is almost 7!!!!

Snack time. Michael's favorite snack is popcorn. We make our own in an air popper and the kids love it.

Marah must think Maddy's is better.

The kids have been having a campout in the play tent in their room. There is no room to move in there but they are on night 4 of sleeping in there.

Marah's new face. Its so silly and she does it on purpose now cause she knows we will all laugh.

Yesterday Michael caught a preying mantis. We did some research and found out it was a male. Later that evening while Joe and Michael were looking for bugs to feed it they found another. That one was a female. Well they mated for almost 12 hours starting last night at 11pm and ending sometime around noon today. Then she proceeded to eat him. All that is left is his wings. The kids are excited about the possibility of babies later.

Here she is.

Jumpy and Woky (the backyard squirrels) have gotten to our sunflowers. We were planning to dry them for the birds this winter.

Completely bare.

So instead we cut them down and they played sword fight.

Madeline is holding the one she grew in her own garden.

We went to Great Grandma Evelyn's a few weeks back to visit. My Aunt and Uncle were there with their little girl. She would be the kids second cousin. Here is a video of her playing with Michael.