Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Funny Marah Video

Thought this was cute!

36 weeks and 3 days

Warning: last picture is nude but you can't see anything.

We are getting closer! Our midwife has said we are good to go for the homebirth at any time but would like the baby to get a bit bigger. The birth tub is sitting in the living room, diapers are washed and folded, birth supplies are ready to go.

I don't think I have ever been this big. I am carrying differently this time, its all out.

Joe said the other day that I am "not venti yet, just grande" I almost smacked him but it was really rather funny.

Amy of Funky Wonder Photography (who did our family photos this summer) did a pregnancy shoot this month. I have only seen a few of the pictures and they are amazing. I cannot wait to see the rest. She is also going to take photos at the birth. I am so excited.

Here is the only one so far I have felt okay to post for all of you to see. Not too much nakedness. :)

Michael has been busy!

Michael started swimming lessons this month. He goes twice a week.

Last month Michael took a parent child soccer class. Joe went with him and he had a great time. He is really enjoying being able to take classes and sports like Madeline has been doing.

Michael talking about sports class.

Homeschool Nights with Dad

Joe and I decided that one or two nights per week the kids would get to stay up late and have homeschool night with dad. They can do fun projects that are hard for me to do with them because of the Marah Monster. They also get to spend some special time with Daddy, which they all seem to enjoy. Nights are often so hectic: Joe home from work, dinner, bedtime. So far some of their projects have been: Lego night (a Michael favorite), they made stepping stones, Madeline is working on a letter to the president, and a bird house.

Madeline was really excited about the idea last month and made a banner for Daddy to see when he came home from work.

Tonight (Feb 20) there was an eclipse. Joe got out the telescope and the kids spent an hour out there with Daddy. Brrrrrrrrr!!!! They looked at the moon and some stars. It was a perfect clear night for this.

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Bird House

My Aunt Dian and Uncle Fred gave the kids this kit. The kids had so much fun putting it together. Thank you Dian and Fred!

The sandwich

I had to post this. The other night Michael made his own sandwich since he did not like dinner. Here it is:

He likes his peanut butter.

Belly Update

33 weeks. Its getting closer. I ordered the birth kit yesterday. Our home visit with the midwife is on the 11th and she will be bringing the birth tub then. :)

Happy Birthday Grandma Karen!

We celebrated Grandma Karen's birthday on January 25th. Happy Birthday Mom!

Marah with great Grandma Evelyn.

Airplane on Grandma Karen.

Wondering how many? Well I put them on myself. There are 58 candles!

Check out the glow!

You can do it!

Can you see her behind all the smoke? The heat also melted the frosting. Lol.

Climbing the apple tree. It was so nice outside. Cold but sunny.

There was snow in Vancouver. Well they called it snow anyway. The kids went out before breakfast to play as I knew the snow would not last long.

I made the new baby a diaper. Too bad it fits Marah. I guess my pattern sizing is a bit off.

Terry cloth outer with orange flannel next to the skin. Its a fitted so it would need a cover. I was going to put snaps on it but it worked great with the snappi.

Thats my HEAT!

At various points through out the day I hear this:
(screaming) "HEATER"
(Marah also screaming) "HEAT, HEAT"

One would think I keep the house freezing. Nope the heat is set between 60 and 70. It might help if the kids actually would wear clothes though. Lol.

The heater in the living room.

The other heater in the living room.

The heater in the dining room.