Thursday, September 25, 2008

Small Update

Very busy lately, no time for a big picture update. :( In fact I don't even think I have downloaded pictures since the last picture update. double :(

Nomy is crawling! ACKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. I need a magic broom and mop. With 3 other kids the floor seems to be littered with legos, marbles, small paper scraps, tape, beads, and all sorts of wonderful items that Nomy just happens to enjoy gumming on. A day does not go by without her gagging on something.

Madeline started her two resource classes at Home Choice Academy. She chose Messy Science with a WOW and World Crafts this semester. She goes on Thursday afternoons and also takes PE on Mondays. She still reads daily and I think her current book is The Wizard of OZ.

Michael started taking PE with Madeline through HCA this year. The first 45 mins is swimming with the next 45 minutes is gym time. He is still really into Mario party and Mario Kart and asks to play them daily. He has also been showing a little interest in writing and we help when he asks.

Marah is well still Marah. She is now not only beating on kids her own size but picking on the smaller ones as well. Makes playdates really fun. Her language has really taken off lately and its nice to be able to understand whole sentences. She amazes me daily.

Joe is doing well. In your thoughts and prayers please think CAP TEAM, CAP TEAM, CAP TEAM, CAP TEAM, CAP TEAM, CAP TEAM!!!!!!!!

I am also doing well. I actually sewed something the other day. It has been 7 months since I last made anything and oh did it feel nice. I had not used my machine since I had it serviced and wow it is so smooth now. I made Madeline a new school bag and have several skirts cut and ready next time I have a chance. Seriously thinking about restarting my hyena cart soon. As you can see it says will re open in April or May. Ummm yeah what was I thinking?

We have been reading HP out load together and are on book 3. It is so fun to re read it with Madeline. She gets so excited and the other day said that the books have more texture than the movies. LOL.

Okay must make dinner...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Check It Out!!

On September 16, 2008 my friend Jessie will reopen her awesome Hyenacart, Monkey Dance. Jessie is momma to four of the greatest kids and an amazing seamstress. I love, love, love the diapers she makes. Her taste in fabrics and color choices is awesome as well. So need some diapers, a really cool bag, or some of the cutest kids clothes out there? Check her out and support a wonderful WAHM while you get some great stuff in the process.