Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What We Have Been Up To: June 2009

Its been another busy month here. A quick update to let you know what we have been up to.

Visiting Great Grandma's and Grandma Karen's. The creek.

I love this tree in Great Grandma's front yard. I used to play under it in the summers. There is almost no traffic in this end of the highway (literally) town. I spent many summers coloring the road and bike riding here.

Grandma Karen with the older two kids exploring the creek.

All the kids throwing rocks. Naomi climbed right in and sat down in the water.

Marah tired of rock throwing quickly so we joined Great Grandma on the bench overlooking the creek and lake. Her house is in the background on the right. Her "boyfriend" lives next door. lol It is a good thing she does not have internet access cause she would not be pleased with me about this.

We got a really large egg one day and this is what was inside!! A triple yolk.

A recent activity in the backyard. We filled socks with cornstarch and sprinkled them in different spots to find spiderwebs. It was a lot of fun.

Uncle Robbie came to visit and brought Flower Girl shirts for the youngest, a Ring Guard shirt for Michael (its the camo one above), and Maddy's Jr. Bridesmaid shirt is on the way.

Michael dug a hole in the digging spot. Nomy likes it I think. :)

We met M, L, and E at the zoo. The kids playing in the grassy area after lunch.

This is L. Joe's "mom", isn't she beautiful. Maddy took all the zoo pics.

E making a goofy face. Some how we have no pictures of M.
We played in the grass.
Lots of grass.

The grass is always greener on the other side, at least to the chickens.
They also had some fingers. I think they think hers are worms. I keep hoping she will learn soon but she does this over and over and over. They do not break skin or anything but I am sure it is not a pleasant feeling.
Nomy has helped herself to most of our strawberry harvest this year. She eats them stem and all.
The reason for the lack of June updates. Yeah typing was not easy, or cutting, or diapers, or well anything.
Another zoo trip just me and the kids this time. Self portrait by Maddy.