Friday, August 3, 2007

Car Accident

Joe was in a car accident on Thursday. Someone (who received a DUI) hit Joe in the back and pushed him into a tow truck. So he was squished between two trucks. The car is totaled and thank God Joe is fine. A few scratches, lots of bruises, and he is really sore. He is still finding glass all over him after two showers.

Not so bad in the front.

The steering wheel bent and the driver seat fell backwards. Glass is everywhere.

The trunk is now located convienently in the backseat.


We went to Lake Wenatchee in July to camp with Brian and Marnie. The kids had a great time together. It was great to see good friends again after such a long time.

Here is Michael and Kat. You can see how bad Michael's eye is in this pic. He was bit by a mosquito on his eyebrow and his whole eye swelled shut.

Joe and Brian.

This was Michael's pirate ship. He found it the first day there and there is a little place to sit at the very top.

All the kids doing something...

But Mom rocks ARE for eating.