Thursday, November 5, 2009

October Days

A few photos from October.

We went to Bonneville Dam. The kids had a great time. So much to see and do. Sadly the only pictures taken were by Madeline while we ate lunch. We were enjoying everything so much we didn't even think of taking photos.

Marah is potty training! She insists most days on getting her clothes on by herself. :)
There has been a lot of play with this old stop watch we found in the garage.
Maddy had a friend over. This is H. Photo by Maddy.
We have been working on a new science curriculum. Maddy more than Michael. This day was all about Mollusks.
Michael enjoyed this huge shell.
Michael made a loaf of bread all by himself.
Starcraft night. Micheal was able to play his first game with Uncle Terry and Joe. They brought the dining room table into the living room. lol
Setting up.
Madeline watching. She was going to a sleep over but her friend was sick. Instead she was able to go to a friend's birthday party. Her and I did crafty things while the boys played.
Banana Split night 2009. Lots of ice cream, lots of toppings, one pasta serving bowl, 5 spoons.
Then popcorn and a movie. The kids look forward to October 31st every year for Banana Split Night. Naomi was asleep through it. As soon as she can sit through a whole movie hours after bedtime she can join us. :)

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